Everybody loves Las Vegas, including the entertainers themselves! Many of them have moved to the city or choose Las Vegas as their second home. A permanent base for shows is good news for artists and audiences, it means that stage sets and special effects are often more spectacular than you would see on tour. Resident artists in Las Vegas also have more energy and can perfect performances because they don’t have the tiring effects of travel.

Here is an updated list of artist who are currently at “home” in Las Vegas.

When: From February 26, 2015
Price: from $43.59 – $76.29

Britney Spears

Who: Britney Spears

Where: Planet Hollywood

When: Now

Price: $57 – $500

Celine Dion

Who: Celine Dion

Where: Caesars Palace

When: Now

Price: $55- $500

Donny and Marie

Who: Donny and Marie

Where: Flamingo

When: From February 9th, 2016

Price: $95.87 – $262.39

Elton John

Who: Elton John

Where: Caesars Palace

When: From January 19th, 2016

Price: $55 – $500

Mariah Carey

Who: Mariah Carey

Where: Caesars Palace

When: From Tues, February 2nd, 2016

Price: $55 – $250

Jennifer LopezWho: Jennifer Lopez

Where: Planet Hollywood

When: From January 20th, 2016

Price: $79 – $416

Matt Goss

Who: Matt Goss

Where: Caesars Palace

When: Now

Price: $55 – $120

Olivia Newton-John

Who: Olivia Newton-John

Where: Flamingo

When: Now

Price: $69 – $299

Reba, Brooks & Dunn

Who: Reba, Brooks & Dunn

Where: Caesars Palace

When: From May 3rd, 2016

Price: $59.50 – $205

Rod Stewart

Who: Rod Stewart

Where: Caesars Palace

When: From March 19th, 2016

Price: $49 – $250

Be sure to check performance dates before planning your trip. One lady in particular sells out frequently (Celine Dion of course) so book in advance where possible.

Please note prices may be excluding taxes and fees. All dates subject to change.