Las Vegas is in the South West region of the United States of America and is surrounded by miles of desert in every direction. This fabulous city is literally in middle of nowhere and currently the only two ways in or out are by road and air, rail is in the pipeline in the near future. Sounds simple, however a little travel planning will go a long way.


By Road

Whether you self drive or catch an intercity bus you’ll undoubtedly end up on the main highway is the I15 which runs from north to south. The main source of traffic comes from Los Angeles, which about is roughly 4 hours drive away if traffic is clear. Other roads connect Las Vegas to Arizona and Utah. A high speed rail link is in the pipeline for the near future. Find out about Car Rental.

By Air

Private jets, low cost and scheduled carriers operate domestic and international flights into McCarran International Airport.

Some travel agencies can offer great package deals, which is great because it save you all the hard work but if you’re like me, you want complete input and ultimate deciding power on how you will spend your vacation. We all work hard, so our time off should be as rewarding as possible!


Public Transport

There are frequent buses that serve multiples routes throughout the city, a monorail connects the casinos on the south end of the Strip, and there are more than enough taxis and limos to shake a stick at.