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Welcome to celinelasvegas.com the ultimate guide to planning and booking your Las Vegas vacation. There are so many websites out there with overwhelming amounts of information which may leave you spinning faster than you can say “roulette”. This website is designed by a tourist with a no nonsense approach travel. Here you will find only the very best of what Las Vegas has to offer with a focus on Celine Dion and Caesars Palace.

Several of the most popular casinos (including Caesars Palace) and resorts are located south of the Strip and for that reason it’s considered the place to be. This will guide will help you choose the best places to stay, eat, play and party! Even if you are already in Sin City, there is plenty of information to find out where the action is. Not only will you find out how and where to enjoy the height of luxury, get smart to make the dollar stretch just that bit further.

With an estimated 200,000 slot machines and over 4000 table games spread across 122 casinos, Las Vegas is undoubtedly the gambling capital of the world. Learn how to save some cash by reading up on casino hints, tips and secrets. Don’t leave yourself a few cards short of a royal flush!